The year that was – 28th December 2019

Whilst it has been a tough year it is very easy to forget about the good stuff that happened during the year. So this blog is about some of the good stuff that happened this year.

January – we got to go to Paris – it was cold but a lovely clear day with some medical appointments for Pat (this was for his Australian Visa) but we had a great time, found a wonderful restaurant (which we visited later in the year). I got to go to the Musée de Rodin and we both got to go the Eiffel Tower.

February – we had a quick trip back to the UK for Pat’s brother’s birthday, it was a lovely weekend and we had a really great time.

March – We moved into our lovely gite, and again a trip to the UK for a quick visit with R&L and K&H complete with a visit to the Tower of London – which I had never seen.

April – We had a night out in Limoges – we stayed overnight at a nice hotel, went out to dinner at a very nice restaurant – ate good food and drank good wine. It was a lot of fun.

May – We had a weekend at the seaside – we got to explore a different part of the coast that we like and we got to visit our favourite beach. I must admit I always love a weekend at the seaside and Siena adores it.

June – We went to our old neighbours for a piano and cello concert – friends joined us – it was a lovely afternoon and enjoyed by us all.

July – we had the first of visits from friends – M&S joined us for some lovely weather which was great. I also had the Vernissage for art class, we had a wonderful lunch at a friend’s house, mum arrived and we explored an international watercolour exhibition spread throughout a local town, so while July had some really hard bits, it had a lot of good bits.

August – T&R came for a visit which was a lot of fun and we got to go and see the amazing Chateau Hautefort.

September – L came for a visit and I got to see a lot of art and do a few things that I hadn’t done for a while. Pat and I had our 11th wedding anniversary (yes it has been that long) and we got to go to B&S’s wedding at the end of the month – that was a really fantastic day.

October – Aunty B came for a visit – which included a day trip to Paris (and lunch at previously mentioned restaurant from January). Dad arrived and we got to go to Champagne for my birthday – now that was a lot of fun and interesting.

November – Another trip to Paris to catch-up with K who was heading back to Scotland via Paris from a conference. It was a wonderful weekend, with some art and fabulous hot chocolate.

December – We’ve had a few nights out, or course there has been Christmas (where we got to consume one of our bottles of champagne, which had been purchased in October). Hopefully this week – the last Star Wars movie (once we find out what time and date when they are showing original language version).

So as you can see, there were a large number of good things that we got to experience this year.

For now, à bientôt, from our wonderful part of France – Delia

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