Lost in Limbo

After the exciting week in Champagne it all feels a bit flat. We are in a kind of limbo, unable to travel much whilst Delia is undergoing her radiotherapy. This happens every weekday until a week after Christmas – apart from a day off at Christmas and one for New Year’s Day. So even though I have my visa (and our houshold belongings are currently on the high seas voyaging to Oz), we are still hurrying up to wait before we can go ourselves. We have to get Delia’s treatment completed before we go, I wouldn’t want to interrupt that but I don’t have to like it.

Not a lot happened this week, we did pop over to our (ex) language teacher for a visit, and several other people turned up later too. Also, last night we had our first “dinner party” well, two friends for dinner anyway. We have had visitors but this is the first time they’ve gone home straight afterwards 🙂

The weather has often been cold and wet though, as usual for here, the afternoons often fine up. Stirred up by the release of a totally unaffordable new Sony camera I have been playing around with my existing Sony camera. The new one can do a lot of fancy low light things and I managed to find a tutorial that did something similar in photoshop using my own one with many shots (60 in fact). Below is a shot of La Jolie Maison at night. Low light shots need to be extra sensitive (high ISO for what its worth) and this can lead to a lot of random flaws on a photo. Taking lots means these can all be put together, the two crops below it show the difference.

And below that is a panorama of my regular morning walk, its still sunny albeit a bit chillier.


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  1. Hi Pat
    Sa good read and great photos.
    You know I am still not getting alerts to the blog. I got it as Delia forwarded today.

    Fun and games here at last we got rid of Keith Vaz a personalised letter to Disne Abbott and HC to make the did retire!
    We all refused to do any canvassing for him and I am currently on tour with Leicester West doing the regional marginals tour. Final stop Downing stop .
    Now there’s a rapid selection of MO here. I threatened to go for it but there’s a retired GP from Manchester looking the favourite
    Do you have an email for Heather I only had FB one and think I accidentally deleted that.

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