Well, yes the Aussie visa is finally through We had expected an interview at Australia house but no. So we can now stop the storage charges and ship our stuff over to Perth. But the high seas will have to wait a bit – Delia’s Aussie passport expires before the container will arrive and, she being the Aussie citizen whose mum’s house is the delivery address… So it looks like we need a trip to Paris soon (hmmm, could this be “on purpose”? Delia planning a trip up the Eiffel tower). Anyway I am not really dancing about with excitement about the visa since we do still have to get all of Delia’s treatment done, so that looks like a March or April departure.

We had a visitor for a long weekend. L hadn’t visited us in France before, so anything we showed her was new. I had work to do so Delia took her places as long as she had the energy. Here is a shot of her but during the weekend we did have a trip to St Yrieix. A medieval town with a strong porcelain industry. So here are some pictures featuring medieval buildings and some porcelain art. We had ourselves some good meals out too.

On Wednesday we went to the quiz for the first time since Delia’s chemo began. We came last so clearly not on form but we did “win” the chocolates.

Friday was our anniversary and we booked into a restaurant in Rochechouart that had been recommended. I had what was effectively “surf and turf” (I think they called it “field and sea”. The only “turf” was some (albeit very tasty) slivers of bacon. The mussels and scallops were delicious along with the scanty shrimp foam. Delia had a tournedos of steak with (drum roll) mushroom sauce (she shouldn’t eat mushrooms but loves them). Anyway, no harm done because after we went for out new favourite dessert a cafe gourmande which is essentially a coffee with a few different desserts.

Woo Hoo – 16th September 2019

First the apology of a late blog, we have a friend over and have been out and about enjoying ourselves – a full description below.

However the Woo Hoo title is in relation to the fact that Pat’s Partner Visa (Provisional) has been granted – on Friday 13th to be precise! We are ecstatic, so we are now planning our departure from France – once I’ve finished my treatment and we have done some of the travelling that I really want to get done!

So on to last week and the weekend. Last week was a surprisingly busy one for me at work, but that was good. Our friend L arrived late Thursday afternoon and after an early night for us all, she and I headed down to Brantome to have a lovely day out. We enjoyed wandering around the market and we found 2 art exhibitions at the Abbey – both were very good. Then off to lunch which we were able to score a table on the river front and enjoy our relaxed meal. After lunch a little bit of shopping then a slow journey back home via St Jean de Cole – where we got to see another 2 art exhibitions and relax having a cool drink before getting back into the car to head home.

Saturday was much more of a slow start – but we headed over to Saint-Yrieix-la-Perche for a wander around the medieval quarter and to have a look at one of the Limoges porcelain shops. Pat was able to join us as it was Saturday, we also got to see a Porcelain exhibition which was fascinating as it had modern pieces juxtaposed with old pieces and you really could see the inspiration – Pat and I really loved some of the lamps and vases and if we hadn’t already packed up our house I think a piece of Limoges porcelain would have found its way into our possessions. Instead we satisfied ourselves with a couple of Christmas decorations. We finished the day at an English tea room for cake and tea (well scones for me) and really enjoyed ourselves.

Outside the church in St-Yrieix

Sunday we were up early for a local Vide Grenier and artisanal market – we were surprised at the size of it – streets and streets of stall holders. It was amazing, one thing I have been looking for, for quite a while has been a glass or crystal dressing table set as I always remember my nana having one on her dressing table (which I now have). Much to my surprise I found a complete glass one for the grand price of €16 – I didn’t even barter on the price. So I now have something that I have to pack well and put in my suitcase!! Oh well.

More happening today and tomorrow but I’ll leave that for Pat’s blog next week.

For now, à bientôt, from our wonderful part of France – Delia

A week to forget

Well, another week that started with chemo. Not one I really want to remember. I could detail the after-effects of constant vomiting and the lingering nausea still inflicting poor Delia but I won’t. Its hard to be positive so I’ll leave this and promise better for next time when I (or Delia) will regale you with tales of an impending visit this Thursday from another UK friend, Linda.

Back to normality – sort of – 1st September 2019

This week was very much a normal week, working all week and getting back into the swing of things as summer now is slowly coming to an end. Today I even had to dig out a light jumper! I had the joy of going to an art class on Friday afternoon, which was a special summer class. I really enjoyed myself and it was very relaxing.

Last night I met a with a friend to have an drink at one of our local cafes and much to my surprise another friend joined us – I think it has been around 4 months since we were all together, so it was a lovely evening sitting outside drinking rose. Thankfully not a late night as I’m not getting enough sleep at the moment.

Cancer update – tomorrow will be the half way mark for chemo. I’m dreading it but it is nice to finally get to the half way mark, I also have a friend’s wedding to look forward to at the end of the month and I’ve now got my outfit sorted, so that is something that I’ve enjoyed doing.

I must admit being half way on my chemo journey is starting to make me think about where I want to go, especially between chemo and radio and then after I’ve finished my chemo – it is hard to think about what to do during the winter months in Europe – January and February aren’t the best times to travel! Welcome to any suggestions.

Below I have a couple of photos of one of friends and Pat both trying to outdo each other! Let’s just say that they both realised that they are not as young as they once were!

For now, à bientôt, from our wonderful part of France – Delia