All’s quiet in La Jolie Maison

Firstly, Delia wishes to apologise for her lack of blog last week. As my blog will tell you, it was a busy weekend.

After a relaxing five weeks (for us at least) Delia’s mum flew back home to Aus on Friday 16th (and I guess Saturday too since its a long flight). However since two of our friends from Leicester arrived on Thursday, to make room for them Frances had kindly stayed her last night in a nearby Chambre d’Hote – coincidentally in the same room that we had stayed in just before we moved into our Beaulieu house over five years ago.

On Saturday we went for a stroll around the lac St Mathieu, now refilled and enjoyed a cornetto as reward for the effort.  Robert and I tried the macho thing and messed around on the outdoor gymnastic rings – I actually hung upside down but then fell on my posterior after losing my balance.

That Sunday we visited a new (to us) Chateau Hautefort. Delia and Frances had passed near this chateau on a previous visit and so Delia decided to visit it. Set on a hill the chateau dominates the surrounding countryside. The approach consists of a wide area of white gravel – dazzling without sunglasses.

The entire renovation was impressive, interiors and the gardens – all beautiful. Impressive especially since it had had a massive fire in 1968.

We were able to leave the chateau and go into the small town at the foot of the hill. There we chose a restaurant and ate a four course menu du midi (though Delia thought she’d eat a bit more lightly by having just a steak but which was an entrecote that hung over the edges of her plate).

I was able to catch up with some work on the Monday when the others went to St Estephe with Siena. On the Tuesday before our friends left for the UK we wen to a brasserie in Limoges that Delia had sourced to satisfy Robert’s hunger for mussels. Whilst Teresa and Robert both had moules frites, I had a salade perigourdine (salad with smoked duck breast and duck gizzards – not like they sound but instead, delicious). Delia had a hamburger. Dessert for me was a sample of 4 different items whilst the others had tarte aux pommes – apple tart but not as we know it Jim.

Here’s a couple of old gits and Delia.

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