A relaxing time – 4th August 2019

It’s been a relaxing week, which has been nice. The weather has been pleasant, not too hot but sunny. Unfortunately it was very wet last weekend but it did give us the opportunity to go to an art exhibition (all watercolour) in a nearby town; something that we all enjoyed a lot. The rest of the week was as normal as Pat and I worked, mum did the washing and her crossword puzzles.

On Friday mum and I headed into Limoges to do some wig shopping, however as the sales were on, our first stop was Galleries Lafayette, as I needed an outfit for a wedding in September. So I’ve bought my trousers now I need to find a shirt. After our little bit of shopping we found the first place for a wig and it appeared to be closed – it was just after 12:00 noon. So mum and I headed off to find somewhere for lunch. After a lovely lunch, as we were near the cathedral and mum was certain she hadn’t been inside we took some time out and had a look around the cathedral.

Then on to the next wig store – which was a hairdressers I didn’t feel confident enough to go in and ask about the wigs so we headed on to the next place. This place was very much like the first, in that it was tucked away and we had to buzz an intercom to get in, however in looking a bit more at the information at the door it appeared that we needed to make an appointment. So at this stage we decided to call an end to our day and head home. Pat will have to make some calls on Monday for me. Ultimately it does appear that there is no such thing as a wig shop in Limoges. They all seem to be hair specialists which help with all different things.

Saturday was spent just doing normal things, such as cleaning the house, washing and food shopping so not anything too exciting. Today (Sunday) however we are heading out this afternoon to visit a ruined chateau that has had some restoration. It is a place that Pat and I have been wanting to see for a while but haven’t yet visited. So looking forward to that and hopefully Pat will tell you all about it next week.

For now, à bientôt, from our wonderful part of France – Delia

Here’s a photo mum wanted to take of the very large pine tree out the front of our rental.

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