A cool change – 21st July 2019

We’ve been having some lovely cooler weather here in our part of France. It’s been a nice change/relief however we are expecting another hot week this week. I have a busy weekend this weekend, this morning I went for coffee and this afternoon, we were invited to afternoon tea with friends of Pat who he has French class with. It was lovely to sit in their wonderful garden this afternoon, drink a glass of elderflower champagne and then have tea, scones, cake & tarts. Pat definitely enjoyed the food! Tomorrow we are heading out for lunch with Pat’s other French language group – which I am thoroughly looking forward to.

Last week we had Bastille day and the usual fireworks happening. This time we could just walk out our front door and watch them. I enjoyed that, Siena (our dog) not so much, though when we were standing outside together she did calm down.

I’ve enjoyed mum being here, we went to the student art exhibition opening last Friday, which was fun. Last weekend we went for a nice walk around St Matthew and yesterday mum and I went into Chalus had a look at all the art exhibitions that are currently open, had a walk through the market, had coffee and then headed off to lunch (with Pat) at a lovely local restaurant where we sat out under the tress and had a wonderful meal. I then headed off to a drop in art class and “finished” a painting of a rooster – I’ve bought him home – picture below – but I’m not quite sure if he is finished.

I’ve bought myself an adult colouring book, which I’m planning on using to distract myself during chemo. We will see if that helps, but at least I will have Pat and my mum with me, which will be really nice. I do hope that I will get some interesting and good pictures out of this – we shall see.

For now, à bientôt, from our wonderful part of France – Delia

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