A Welcome Visit

Last weekend we were graced with our long-time friends from Nottingham – M & S. We managed a good mix of tourism and relaxation including our first bbq of the season (at this house actually) .  The Tour de Chalus-Chabrol from which Richard the Lionheart was fatally wounded by a crossbow (a while back now)  was open to tourists. This is quite a rare event and isn’t all that well publicised, the only clue was a flag flying from the tower. The last time we had visited the tower, or even been aware that it was open to visitors was August in 2014. This time the tower was actually accessible and we were able to climb to the top to enjoy the marvellous vistas across Chalus towards the Dordogne. The interior of the chateau a few metres from the base of the tower had changed somewhat, with some extensive rearrangement of artefacts. Most significantly, the rooms below ground level had been excavated, an outer room and the kitchen now accessible.

The next day we all went to Aubeterre. Delia and I had been a couple of times even before we had moved here.  The church was carved into a limestone cliff and though partly collapsed still retained an impressive interior reaching 17 metres high. Aubeterre is a pretty village with some wonderful restaurants. In one of which M & S treated us to a menu du midi. One of the best I have ever had.

The next day a pleasant picnic at a nearby lake.  Mike and I both took pictures of the Damsel flies.


Yesterday we picked up Delia’s mum for Limoges airport, still rather dumbstruck from nearly three days travelling and layovers. She recovered in time for an outing that evening where Delia exhibited at her art class student “vernissage”.


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