An unexpected encounter – 29th June 2019

It has been hot and humid here in France, not the most pleasant of combinations. Thankfully the bedrooms are downstairs in our current house and that means that they are significantly cooler than other parts of the house, so for the most part we’re getting some sleep. Currently I’m sitting out the back of the house (in the shade) enjoying the light breeze that is wafting around me, waiting for my nurse and typing this blog. The weather is due to change later in the week with storms forecast.

So Pat headed off to the UK for a couple of days for a funeral, I still had the nurse coming so didn’t go with him. Pat didn’t enjoy showing up at his hotel (a pub with rooms) and finding it closed! He had to find elsewhere to sleep! While he was away I took Siena up to the Voie Verte for a walk, this is converted railway that is now paved and used for walkers, bikes etc. I had a very close encounter with a rather large collard grass snake – thankfully totally non-venomous and if harassed they actually play dead rather than try to bite (there is a picture at the very end of the blog). The Australian in me did have mild hysterics however as I really did nearly stand on it – and Siena walked right over the top of it. I was very fortunate that it wasn’t an aggressive (or venomous) snake.

I also had a very quiet week at work, which for me was great as the 2 days that I worked last week were manically busy and I was exhausted by Friday – so much so that I slept in on Saturday until 9:30 (nurse showed up at 9:40 and I was not ready for her). This Friday was much better with the whole day off and I was back at art class – I’m currently painting a rooster, I’m really enjoying this painting, partly because I painted it for fun and it is actually working out really well. Not sure when I will finish it but hopefully it won’t take too long.

Cancer Update – We finally have heard about chemo – the results came back indeterminate, which basically means that the risk to benefit ratio is very close. The surgeon wants me to have a chat with a chemo specialist so that I can make an informed decision about if I will go forward with the chemo or not. I go back to the surgeon this coming week to get the biopsy results for the 2nd operation – hopefully everything is clear this time.

We have friends arriving next week – for a long weekend with us – so the next blog may be late – but should have a number of photos 🙂

For now, à bientôt, from our wonderful part of France – Delia

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