The only way is up!

Our time in France has been both eventful and quiet. I feel like its been a pastoral interlude and that once in Aus our lives will begin again. When we first arrived we had a summer gite in the middle of a cold winter. For differing reasons we lost both of our main clients. What with the cold, the stress of the property search and difficulty with our work things were stressful. Not to mention the extra stress of all the necessary French paperwork. Yet Delia and I learnt a lot about each other, how we each handle stress and, eventually, how to deal with each other during that stress.

Moving to Beaulieu meant we continued to spend most of our time together or at least under the same roof. I will certainly miss her company when she is back doing the commute. But nothing prepared me for the massive weight dropped on us by her cancer diagnosis. However, after the initial shock we gradually found that the future was less and less bleak. But not without some long dark nights. I really learnt to appreciate Delia when the stark possibility of her not being there dropped on me. Its come as a surprise that we’ve been at our happiest with each other over the past weeks. Yes Delia curses the cancer wishing it away, as do I, but, given the contrast of what could have been, we find ourselves not bickering over little things the way we used to. Generally being nice to each other and more accomodating. Why say no to each other at all I guess.

We have learnt lessons that, one way or another, most couples who stay together have to learn, I suppose. We’ve each learnt to care more for each other. Delia certainly spent a lot of time caring for me during my shingles and the after effects – with me suffering in pain but at least not life threatening. Now I get to care for her. The stakes initially seemed higher but now we understand that we just have to get through it as best we can. We are in it together.

We are looking forward to several visits from friends and relations now we have an idea of how things are proceeding though we still don’t know if chemo is on the cards (apparently only 34% of breast cancer patients actually do have chemo). We are looking forward to some of the travel that we have had to postpone over the past weeks. Plus, now my visa seems to be moving forward at last there’s a real possibility of us being in Aus before Christmas (?).

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