What’s up? 15th June 2019

Well it has been an interesting week, we’ve had lovely weather and crap weather. We’ve been out, we’ve been back to hospital and tonight we are heading out for dinner! Let me start at the beginning, last Sunday we were invited to a concert at one of our ex-neighbours. We had a wonderful hour listening to a cellist & pianist, we have heard them before at a previous concert, it was lovely and we got to see a lot of our ex-neighbours. Our friends who joined us for the concert also really enjoyed themselves.

The rest of the week felt like various trips to the hospital. Tuesday we went to see my new surgeon (another lovely female surgeon) who informed me that we still didn’t know about chemo but that she did need to know by the time of the surgery as I was to have a port if chemo was going ahead and my surgeon wanted to put it in while I was under. Unfortunately by Thursday we still didn’t have any information back from the pathologist so I had a short operation to remove the extra tissue that needed removing. I’m doing really well after my operation, so much so I was allowed to head home later that day – after I had eaten and drunk something. I also feel like they finally got my anaesthetic correct as I had no vomiting or nausea after the operation – and that was fantastic.

So yesterday and today I’ve not been doing much, I’ve had the nurses to visit both days to change the dressing, both were sad to see me again as they knew that it meant I had to go for another operation. But ultimately the results are good (ie. How the boob looks – but I’ve definitely got a size difference happening!). We are hoping that, that is it on the surgery front but unfortunately we don’t know. I am however well enough to head out to dinner tonight – we were invited by our quiz partners to come over for dinner so we are looking forward to that, and I’m really happy we can do it as this was planned before I had my operation. Tomorrow I’m also hoping that the weather will be a little nicer and Pat and I can head out for a small walk together. Also to help along my tomatoes as my cherry tomatoes have little ones happening and I’m happy about that.

For now, à bientôt, from our wonderful part of France – Delia

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