Picnic season?

Sorry about missing my last blog, I was fiddling around trying to write some “further information” about our relationship.  It is surprising how few photos of both of us we have (to prove our “togetherness”). They want a UK police check and also want a certified translation of my French police check – ironic that, having spent most of the past 6 years having certified translations into French. Anyway, its good to have some hint that they know I exist, visa-wise at least.

Delia goes to the consultant this Tuesday and then a further op on Thursday. Her first op has healed well and is just stopping being painful so its annoying to be “looking forward” to another two or three weeks of more pain. We already know that 5 weeks of daily radiation therapy is going to happen but should know on Tuesday if chemo is also on the cards.

Last Sunday was the first time that the weather was good enough for a picnic. We went to a Lac St Estephe to the west of us. We managed to avoid the crowds who thought the same thing and had a lovely shady picnic. Now, Delia and I differ on what constitutes a picnic. Me? I’d be happy with a plastic bag with some baguette, cheese and tomatoes and pausing somewhere to sit wherever seemed good. Delia on the other hand requires a table, plates and cutlery (the concession was that we had to “tear and share” the baguette).

After we had eaten we carried on around the lake. At one point there is a delightful little pontoon that you have to pull yourself across with. We took a selfie of ourselves – the first one I had tried with a new phone – can’t say I’m impressed but here it is anyway.

We have had to suffer storm Miguel the last couple of days, definitely unseasonal- hopefully I’ll have more sunny morning walks to look forward to such as this one below .


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