Summer has arrived – 1st June 2019

Well the weather is currently glorious, which is wonderful. I actually got up this morning and put on cut-offs and a t-shirt – no jumper or warm slippers. It was wonderful. However along with this wonderful weather, we get interesting surprises, such as the snake that slithered its way through our back yard yesterday while Pat and I were outside enjoying a late afternoon drink and snack. We did have to remove Siena from the situation as she was a little too curious. We think it was a non-venomous snake but not sure, it definitely wasn’t aggressive. We will try and get a photo of it, if it comes back.

Last weekend, we headed off to a local fete – one that we used to walk to. We ran into a lot of people we used to know and it was lovely to catch-up with people. We have 2 invites at the moment, one for cake and the other for a concert – another cello and piano recital which will be lovely. I also bought two tomato plants (cherry – one yellow, one red) at the fete as I’ve missed doing a bit of gardening (never thought I would say that!). They have yet to be planted into their planter that is a job for this afternoon.

Friday at art class I finished a painting – and started a new one – but I’m very happy with the finished painting. I feel my watercolour painting has really improved over the past 6 months. I know I just need to get on with my drawing and give that the boost it needs. I am actually planning on combining the two mediums a bit more which will be fun to play with.

On Monday, we did head back to the surgeon, this was a mixture of good and bad news. Good news – only 2 lymph nodes had cancer. Bad news, no clear margins on the tissue extraction around the tumour, so I have to go back in to be operated on. This will be a much smaller operation than previously – so that is also a positive. We however still don’t know if I need chemo, and using my results from the testing they have done on my tumour (thank-you NHS Predict) it appears I am sitting on the margin of risk versus benefit for chemo – ie. There may be nothing gained from having chemo. So we wait for more tests and I will find out on the 11th June. I am healing well and very happy with the results so far.

For now, à bientôt, from our wonderful part of France – Delia

PS. Pat apologises for not doing a blog last week, due to having to write an essay on “The nature of our relationship” for his Australia visa application.

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