A quiet week – 18th May 2019

It has been a quiet week after coming out of hospital. I am recovering well and very pleased with how I am doing after just a week – especially when I compare it to how I felt after my thyroid operation. I will be back at work next week and I had my first outing on Friday. I went to art class; which was lovely and obviously not too stressful. I also got to pick up one of my paintings which I had had framed – it was my painting of a hydrangea. It was really nice to be out and about even though I did end up in bed at 9:30 last night.

Tonight I am hoping that I will last to see the whole of Eurovision, a programme that I do enjoy watching. Though I’m not sure of Australia’s entry! However it would be nice to be in Australia at the moment as our weather has been very un-spring like – we’ve had lots of sunshine this week but it has been cold. Today I have the fire on and it is raining very, very hard. Tomorrow I am hoping that it will be dry enough that we can get out for a walk. I have been doing short walks most days this week which has been good.

Tomorrow we might even go for a Sunday brunch in a nearby town, which has a wonderful tea shop that does all day English breakfasts – and the most fantastic cakes. Or maybe I might just make Canadian style pancakes with bacon and maple syrup. We shall see, and yes I am eating more than I should at the moment but hey I won’t be doing this forever.

For now, à bientôt, from our wonderful part of France – Delia

P.S. – Brunch was pancakes, bacon and maple syrup – lovely

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