Where has spring gone?

Apparently the UK had a wonderful Easter. Well, ours was crap. OK it did get sunny later in the afternoon but still with a wintry wind. During the week we had a few hours of sunshine to enjoy walking Siena but still that icy wind.

Delia had the meeting with the anaesthetist. She did speak a bit of English but sometimes its less helpful. For instance I was puzzled about Delia going for a “puncture” whilst had she said “prise de sang” I would have known she meant a blood sample.

On Friday, we had booked a meal and a night in a Limoges hotel for my birthday (as Delia’s op was then scheduled for 2nd May). Now that they have rescheduled for the 9th it was just a very nice night out. The hotel was a bit jaded but allegedly one of the better hotels in Limoges. It looks out onto a square – which those who have visited around Xmas may remember the Xmas Fair held there. Not as picturesque now, its all ripped for resurfacing or something, the first level of the car park under it needs and umbrella when its raining, water leaks through everywhere!

Anyway, Delia ran her bath (a luxury now we don’t have one) whilst I went out to hunter/gather. Lots of high priced chocolate shops (I encountered 4, some with tasty samples 🙂 ) – but a 50€ easter egg reduced from 75€ didn’t tempt me. I ended buying a couple of chocolate muffins from Pauls and ordering two coupes de champagne from the hotel bar to enjoy with a pink faced (and purple haired Delia) who ate her muffin in the bath whilst I sat in the doorway.

That evening, the rain held off and we walked to the restaurant. The walk would have taken less than 15 minutes had I listened to Delia, instead of 30 mins with the “help” of me and my satnav. Anyway the restaurant was perfect. It was fully booked but it wasn’t crowded since many tables weren’t filled until later. The waitress was pleased that she didn’t have to speak english. She was jolly and friendly and was happy to research just what crosnes were. Looking like witchity grubs but tasting a bit like artichoke, apparently they are actually chinese artichokes, a small tuber. Whatever, they were a nice accompaniment to turbot and leeks with a champagne sauce. Delia enjoyed an entrecote steak and chips with half a baked Camembert. Dessert was brioche pain perdu for me and chocolate moelleux for Delia – all delicious. We will definitely take future guests there.

Next weekend we are off to the seaside (well, near where we have been before, on the Atlantic coast near Mimizan). We had cancelled our Berlin trip that same weekend because of Delia’s scheduled op and couldn’t rebook Berlin because our friend had made other arrangements. The anaesthetist was talking firmly about the 9th so it doesn’t look like changing again.

Delia may no doubt update you about that weekend (belatedly since we don’t return home until the Monday afternoon).

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