Spring glorious Spring – 20th April 2019

Yes Spring is most definitely here, along with my hay fever! The trees are regaining their leaves the sun is shining (mostly) and the rain is falling but it’s not cold. In France Good Friday is not a public holiday, so while I had the day off everything locally was open and it was also a friend’s birthday. So a couple of us headed off to an English Tea Room in a nearby town for lunch. It was such a glorious day we sat outside and drank our tea and ate our all day English breakfast (including hash browns – heaven) plus fabulous cake!!! Will be going back as there were so many things of the menu I wanted to try.

Then 2 of us wandered around the medieval part of the town, I found a charity shop and left with a white summer blouse and a lovely blue scarf – all for the grand total of €3. We also explored a porcelain shop (it’s a factory outlet and great value), then into the chocolatier’s shop – well it is Easter. A small chocolate each and off we went, back to our local town to make various haircut appointments – mine is next Friday morning – the usual cut and colour, but part of me does think should I go a bit wild with the colour?!

So what is to happen for the rest of the weekend? Today started out nice and I’ve done some washing – however the weather is not looking so good now. We’ve also done the house cleaning – relatively quick job with the two of us working together. Tomorrow we have planned a walk around one of the local lakes. Unfortunately for us, both of us have to do some work on Monday, but my Monday afternoon will be spent binge watching an interior design programme – or if it is a sunny day perhaps another walk somewhere?

For now, à bientôt, from our wonderful part of France – Delia

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