We won!

OK we have done so before but not for a while. Won the pub quiz that is. One of the best meals too (and thats saying something). We now have a regular team – with whom we have won twice before. A bit of strategy we learned too, avoid the second quiz of the month because there are some clever buggers who go to that one.

The weather has been good, sunny most days though often with a cold wind. We have managed several afternoon dog walks along the Voie Verte (a converted railway line call the “Green Way”).  A couple, whom we first met on the Voie Verte coincidentally and who also became my customers for websites – have actually come to live permanently. We met up with them and their two dogs – a deer hound cross and a beagle, called Marley and Toby (the dogs that is, they are Val and Graham). They had forgiven us for swapping their news of moving here with our plans of moving to Aus (Val and Graham, that is. For all we know the dogs still bear a grudge).  For all his size Marley was a real softie – stopping and sitting – refusing to continue after he had a small thorn in his foot. Siena hops along despite the thorn, just in case she misses some smell or better still a cyclist.

As Delia’s blog will detail, she has had some good news with the follow-up scans not showing any further spread of her cancer. She herself is up and down in anticipation of the operation on 2nd May but she is enjoying her planning  (a week early) for the weekend before to celebrate my birthday.  An overnight somewhere in Limoges and a nice restaurant is currently top of the list.

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