Life away from the chestnut groves

Yes we are moved into our new abode for now, at least until November. It’s a pretty place, more open but with lovely rural views and plenty of places to walk Siena. I’ll take some photos when we have some decent weather.

One last visit to the “old” place to finish cleaning, one last trip to the decheterie (the dump) and to say goodbye to neighbours. I have compiled a photobook of Beaulieu photos as a way of thanking them for being good neighbours. We will leave one at the house as a welcome for the new owner too.

The actual final signing is on Monday – we have to do one final visit to read the meters and the new owner has to see what she is actually buying on the day (in case we have stripped out the light fittings, flooring and plumbing – which can sometimes happen apparently). Then off to the notaire to finalise the deal. I am not sure when the money will grace our bank account but I expect there will be a period of limbo when, like in the UK, the money is earning interest but just not for us.

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