Another winter week

I started the week with a trip to the doctor. Nothing wrong (well apart form the remnant of shingles but thats another story), no, I had to get 3 blood pressure measurements because my BP measured in Paris for my visa was high. My own doctor thought this was nonsense and wrote with a history of measurements of normal BP over the last 5 years. So I duly emailed this to Paris and got a reply that I needed 3 separate measurements on 3 separate days. Back again to the doctor who was very accomodating and now I finally have an all clear, medically speaking, as far as the visa is concerned at least.

Its been a cold week, making the prospect of an Aussie heatwave seem very attractive. I’m sure I’ll tire of the heat eventually but after 63 years of grey European winters that may take a while. Cold, rain, snow… We wondered if the pub quiz on Tuesday would be cancelled but it wasn’t. We were partnered with a couple we had won with about a year ago. And bugger me, we won again! The food was good though the dessert was a bitter caramel creme, not to everyone’s taste but alternatives were offered.

Our moving process continues; The garage is almost clear of junk but oh it hurts getting rid of so much “useful” stuff. We had some items on a list that we had shared with friends and even sold some. But after two weeks I thought we needed to expand our “market” and I put them on Facebook Marketplace. Delia didn’t realise that I had put them ALL on at once. It was very busy for a while. Delia wasn’t quite ready to part with her dressing tab++le and was not happy with me that I had agreed for someone to buy it today (S unday). I did have to add a proviso that fridge and freezer wouln’t go until the end of February!

I’ve been compiling a set of photos of Beaulieu that I want to put into a photo book. I want to give a copy to some of our neighbours. They’ve been good to us and we will miss them.

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