Its been a week.

Things do seem to be accelerating. I went over to the place we were considering to rent to check the internet. Its twice the speed we have here! So now that we have a definite place to go once the final sale of our Beaulieu house goes through, we seem to spend much of our time at the tip or loading the car to go there. Hoarding is an issue – I had at least a hundred different power supplies. Yet in the past I have given up trying to find the exact one in the pile… voltage and amperage might match but the plug to go into the device is wrong. In such cases I have given up and bought one from China – perhaps 4 weeks away but at least it usually arrives. Anyway Delia was quite impressed with me just tipping out the whole pile into the “little electronics” recycling bin.

The tip (or decheterie – sounds like a French dish) isn’t very photogenic and the only photos I have been taking are of things to sell. So by popular demand I am not posting pictures of our dented chest freezer or our nearly new petrol lawnmower.

My Franco-Brittanique Rencontre group had a post Xmas “bring a plate” (they call it a ‘repas espanol’ or spanish meal – I guess its like tapas?). Lots of French spoken but a lot of English too. An Aussie couple have come back recently having been back and forth as visas permit. It was reassuring to me to speak to an Aussie male with no interest in any sport. But then he was Tasmanian!

The food was varied – slices of melt in the mouth beef fillet, sausage rolls and scotch eggs too. Mostly flans and cakes (along with wine of course). We spread our news around those who hadn’t heard of our plans and received much regrets and good wishes.

So as not to disappoint here’s a shot of our garden in Feb 2018 hopefully not what we have to look forward to!

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