Welcome to 2019 – 5th January 2019

Well it is cold! Silly cold, but the sky is blue and we have been out and about on some lovely walks over the Christmas/New Year break. However, it was back to work this week. Always hard to get back into the routine after a lovely relaxing time off.

Pat and I have spent the last couple of weeks madly trying to find a place to rent. Looking at if we want furnished or unfurnished, if the place has internet or not. We think we have found a place – not that far from where we currently live which has 2 bedrooms and internet. Pat is going to do a final check of the internet on Monday and if that is fine, we’ve a place to move to. We’ve also started the dreaded clean out – getting rid of things that aren’t needed (large amount of clothes off to the clothes bank today) and getting rid of those items that just haven’t been used in a long, long time (cocktail glasses!).

I am trying to make sure that this blog doesn’t turn into a “moving house” blog as I don’t think that would be of interest to many people, but you never know. I am looking forward to our trip to Paris later this month and also I’ve started planning my other trips. We are heading to Prague in May (I’ve always wanted to take Pat there) this will be a romantic long weekend away for Pat’s birthday. We then have to factor in Berlin and Amsterdam – 2 places high on my list to visit. One friend has also suggested joining her in Dublin at the end of May (long weekend as bank holiday in UK) so that may also be happening – there is just so much to see and do!

Our Christmas tree will be coming down tomorrow, I’ve really enjoyed our tree this year, it has so many items on it which hold memories – the wooden fish from Contis Plage, the bauble with water lilies (Monet’s garden) the Viking ship from York and of course the Venetian mask from Venice. It is lovely to have these reminders of the places we have been. I’m willing to take any suggestions of places that you think are a must do in Europe.

For now, à bientôt, from our wonderful part of France – Delia

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