mid November

Its now mid-November and we have had some pretty autumnal weather, cold
and rainy. But most days manage some sunshine. Especially today.This
week has been busy. Delia has had a lot going on and I currently have
four websites in various stages. Well… two are mostly finished, just
some final checking by the clients. Another one for a gîte in
Gers (way south of here) and another website just about to begin. This final one
came to me by virtue of them having seen one of the other websites which is nice!

I had been thinking about how sparse the population is here and its
seeming age bias leaning towards the retired. It means I have a small
local potential clientele but also fewer competitors. In fact it really
makes little difference, referrals and local advertisement seems to work
fine (eventually) and I can work anywhere.

This lunchtime we have been invited to lunch at a restaurant we haven’t
been to before. Its fish and chips are great apparently, and whilst we
usually avoid the expat bias towards expat cuisine – what the heck! And
Delia can have pulled pork. So because we’ll be out for a few hours,
Siena has had a nice long walk in today’s glorious sunshine, through the
banks of autumn leaves and down to the river (avoiding the hunt that
seems to be about).

My new normal – 3rd November 2018

Hello all, it is sunny but cold in our part of France and I’ve just switched the heating on. We’ve had a nice but busy week. Pat is getting more business and I’ve picked up a couple of new clients so I’m also busy. I’ve come to the realisation that, being that busy is actually my new normal. I came to that conclusion while in art class on Friday afternoon – when I said that I was busy, I realised that is the way it is most likely going to be now. Can’t really complain as it does mean I’m earning more money. Which would be good as Pat and I want to do a bit more travelling next year, short trips.

This week we haven’t done that much, but we did get out to lunch on Wednesday, which was really nice, got to catch up with quite a number of people that we haven’t seen for a number of months. We also went to a restaurant that we are having a Christmas lunch at (for Pat’s camera club). This is also a restaurant that is open for Christmas lunch on Christmas day. This is an unusual thing in our part of France, and we have been looking for a place to have Christmas lunch, but I think it may be a little bit far from our place to actually travel to on Christmas day. The search continues. We had been thinking about doing something a bit different this year for Christmas but we just haven’t got ourselves organised enough.

I’m coming to the end of a painting this week and realised I hadn’t taken a photo of my last painting – so here it is. This was from a photo I took on a beach in Cornwall back in 2010 – such a long time ago.

So for now, à bientôt, from our wonderful part of France – Delia