Glorious Autumn – 21st October 2018

Moving from Australia to Europe has really made me appreciate autumn. A lot of my European friends think I’m mad that I like autumn so much but I really do like the feel of it. There is such a definition of seasons here, it is so obvious when one season ends and the next begins. With autumn the leaves turning brown (and many a time of having the song California Dreamin’ running through my head) and the nights getting cold, but we are having such glorious days with warmth and sunshine. It is all so lovely.

We had an interesting visitor this week, on Friday I headed off to my art class, and as Pat was heading off to walk Siena, I shut our bedroom window. That evening when we went to bed, we discovered a little wren nestled in the join on our wooden beam, it was definitely settling in for the night. After a brief effort to try and get it to head out the window we gave up and decided that would be a job for the morning. So we were woken by the soft song of a bird in our bedroom. Thankfully after a little effort we were able to get it out the window in the morning.

Not a lot else to say, we’ve been enjoying the sunshine during the day while we still can. Our neighbour is harvesting the falling chestnuts, the cranes have started the migration south and the flowers are starting to fad in the garden. I do need to get my bulbs planted so that we will have a wonderful spring display – so that may be a job for this afternoon.
My photo’s below from our time at the beach.

So for now, à bientôt, from our wonderful part of France – Delia

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