It’s been a while… 6th October 2018

Autumn has arrived and I can also safely say that Pat is definitely on the mend, which is all good. We have had a wonderful summer and it is still warm enough during the day to not worry about a jumper, but it is cool in the mornings and the evenings, so much so that I’ve started the process of packing up my summer clothes and getting my winter ones out. It has been an interesting process as I’ve had to also get rid of clothes that no longer fit but some of them are ones that I like, but thankfully there isn’t that much that needs to be replaced.

I really enjoyed our trip to the seaside a couple of weeks back. It was fantastic and so relaxing. I really enjoy being beside the sea, especially when there is a white sandy beach. We were able to do some lovely walks, which Pat really hasn’t been able to do for a while so that was great. Siena loved it and it was great to actually exhaust her.

We went for a lovely walk today around a nearby lake as it was a wonderful day with the sunshine out and no breeze, very relaxing and something we really enjoyed. The rest of my week has been very busy though I have started back at art class. I will admit for the first time I really struggled to choose a picture to paint. I’ve ended up with an Australian wildflower which I didn’t know/recognise (a Spiked Andersonia if you are interested). I’m not sure how it will turn out, but I think this painting will take me some time.

Tomorrow’s plan is to get back into the garden to try and sort a few things before the autumn really hits, I did some transplanting of plants last weekend and so far they all seemed to have survived. I have however ripped up the courgette and squash plants that I had in the garden and I’ve only got 2 tomato plants left (though I didn’t have many and they didn’t go well this year) and after tomorrow – no tomato plants, but I will be putting my bulbs in so that I have a fantastic spring display – hopefully.

Do have a look at the below blogs, Pat has still been blogging over the past couple of months and there are some good photos.

So for now, à bientôt, from our wonderful part of France – Delia

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