On the beach

Here I sit listening to ABC Jazz at the breakfast table (every other meal table too, but it is still morning…) gazing over the top of my laptop at the view (Delia doing her blog). We have missed a few blogs what with breaks, visitors and illness. I am getting better every day now, just still very sensitive around the midriff but shirt-wearing is bearable. Shirt-wise thats a real boon because it’s got chilly indoors. These houses with metre thick walls are wonderful in the heat but need warming up as the days shorten. I actually need a fleece on the morning dog walk but not on the afternoon one when its in the mid twenties and nicely sunny.

Our 10th Anniversary weekend away was a wonderful break. We did almost nothing but walk barefoot on the beach. We had been to the same gite last year too, which, being about 5kms from the beach was not overpriced and, more importantly, was dog-friendly. Only Saturday was overcast with rain squalls visible out to sea, otherwise the weather was glorious. As usual, I had forgotten my hat, so we bought yet another one to protect my scantily covered pate. I think that’ll be 4 I have now (plus another I left in a café only two hours after having bought it, a few years back). We found a spot that, because of being over a kilometre walk through woodland, leads to an almost deserted stretch of beach. Siena was in seventh heaven, loving the sand between her pads as much as we did between our toes. We did some (other) touristy things too, such as climbing 183 steps to the top of the only lighthouse on that stretch of coast. A lovely view with the pyrenees just faintly visible 70kms to the south especially notable in Landes which is very flat. We also drank too much and ate too many chips.

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