Beaulieu is a beautiful place

The summer has certainly hit with force now. Its been heading to 40°C and at least in the 30’s for a fortnight or so now. It set to break with temperature in the 20s and rain, just when Delia’s mum arrives.

Not a lot to report from me these last 3 weeks, Delia missed a week and took my place last week. But I’m still incapacitated by shingles though these last few days it does seem to be improving so perhaps I do not have what the doctor called “postherpetic neuralgia” which apparently happens to 1 in 5 after shingles. The rash is still there though fading. Its good to know that it is just pain though, and not a progressive illness or a symptom of something more serious. The doc’s been trying things out on me to find something that will work for the pain… various antispasmodics, anti depressants and anti epileptics. Currently its ketoprofene, a cocktail pill of paracetamol caffeine and opium, lidocaine patches and amitryptiline at night. Travelling as a passenger on bumpy roads is the worst, apart from being very painful, with all these pills I rattle a bit too. I went into Chalus with Delia and her mum yesterday and it was merely uncomfortable.

I’m fine if I just sit still which means poor Delia has to do everything from cooking and cleaning to dog walking and nursing, a lot of pressure on her I’m sorry to say. At least I can do my work, I’ve been doing a shop site for someone we met on a dog walk and who it transpires lives between the wilds of north west Scotland and Lageyrat whose church spire can be seen from our upstairs windows. I have had to endure the wearing of a shirt though when they have visited me to discuss the site.

I haven’t been able to make my last couple of photo club meetings so I invited them to our place last Sunday so I didn’t have to travel. With the photo club we got some varied photos of Beaulieu perhaps to do a photobook. I’ve already got many of my own from all seasons but other photographers, some much more expert than me, could give a different perspective.

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