This old thing – 17th June 2018

No the title is not referring to myself or Pat :-). It is in reference to my full length mirror (see picture) this piece of furniture was my nana’s (on my mother’s side).

yes there is a drawer
I’ve now had it for over 20 years and it has travelled with me around the world, but I’ve finally decided that it really did need a re-paint; partly because the paint on it was chipped and scratched but also because the yellowish colour doesn’t match my other bedroom furniture. I spent yesterday sanding it down and much to my surprise discovered that there used to be other parts to this item. My mum had mentioned that she felt it was part of a bigger piece of furniture, and I think she might be right. I’ve found marks on the uprights that hold the mirror which suggest that it may have had 2 side attachments – my guess would be mirrors. I’ve also discovered the trim on the base is a different wood so assuming that was added at a later stage. So to any of my mother’s family out there; do any of you remember this item before it was modified? I doubt anyone would have photos. I unfortunately only remember this item from the Mt Hawthorn house I don’t remember it from the Darlington one (who’s got the lollie jar?) – an aside for my non-Australian readers – lollies are a catch-all term for boiled sweets/candy/bon bon’s. Anyway if anyone remembers it, I would be grateful to know more about it – one thing it definitely was a brown colour at one stage of its life.

As you know I tried a new art class last week. While I enjoyed painting in Acrylics again, I didn’t like the teacher so have decided not to continue with the classes. Which is a shame but as I’ve been striving to get more art into my week else where it may not be necessary to do the classes.

I’ve also been working in the garden, and will be doing more today (after a first coat of paint for the mirror). However both Pat and I are discovering the issues of working in the garden, I have a very itchy bite on my neck from something unknown and Pat has a tick bite – something we are keeping an eye on.

I am pleased to say that my courgette plants and squash plants are doing well – they now all have flowers on them and with hot weather forecast this week it should be good. I will also be able to move a couple of my tomato plants out of the green house this week as the weather will help. I’m still working on the patio area of the garden, but it is slowly looking better as weeds are removed and things tidied up.

So for now, à bientôt, from our wonderful part of France – Delia

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