A social whirl

It certainly looks like ‘the season’ has started. It’s a social whirl this month, already there’s been a quiz (with a meal) and my Franco Britannique Rencontre group had another meal (in the same restaurant) this week. The former is an exclusively British group with everything in English (although our French teacher did join us). The latter is a nicely mixed group and we all speak (or try to) French together. This works out well because the 5 or so French natives are trying to learn English and together we can usually communicate pretty well. That was how the meal went too, even Delia managed well with French speaking. There is another quiz in a week or so as well as an outing by my French language group. This is a group which has various levels of French abilities and are separated into 5 classes on different days. Once a year they try to organise a day trip, last year failed to materialise but this year we are going to the new Tapestry exhibition in Aubusson, then a meal, then a chateau. We had thought that Aubusson would be a nice place to go with Delia’s mum and aunt when they visit this August.

Strictly the first meal was last month, it being on 31st may but 4 meals out in the space of 30 days is more than we can afford to keep doing.

When Delia’s aunt moved back to Aus, she gave use her teak garden bench. It moved with us through various houses and finally to France. It became very “weathered” and broke in a few places on the seat and on the arm. It had been teak oiled but Yorkshire winters and English rain did it in. For the past year it had sat in the garden more or less as a “feature” that had to be moved during lawn-mowing but otherwise was not much use. So I have now totally replaced the horizontal “seat” part with new lengths of wood. Also repaired the broken side piece with metal plates. So far its only primed but it still looks good.

I know this looks pretty finished but it is only primed. My next blog I’ll hopefully have a shot of the finished article.

Delia next week and don’t forget Delia’s Fit and Fab blog.

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