A bottle brush in France – 2nd June 2018

We’ve had a busy week. After my journey on Monday(see http://delia-fitandfab.patbell.co.uk/ ), I was back to work on Tuesday and in the evening we headed off for a quiz. We did know it was a music quiz so we didn’t hold out much chance of winning and that was a good thing. We failed miserably but didn’t come in last – we did try hard but another team tried harder (and they had 4 team members to our 3)! The rest of the week was a normal week – I had my French class on Friday and was introduced to a new game – mille bornes – a classic French game which is easy to follow. Planning to find one to buy and those of you who visit will get to join us in a game. Friday afternoon was art class where I’ve started a new picture. Below is my previous painting – I do want to tweak it a little, but I’m very happy with it.

Flowers and the sea

Today was spent mostly in the garden. After buying my jasmine and bottle brush last week I did think it might be time to get them out and into the garden. The jasmine is in a big blue pot on the patio in front of the fence which I hope it will climb up and add to the lovely scent we can have in that part of the garden – along with the lavender and honeysuckle it should be wonderful as the evenings warm up. The bottle brush is still in its pot as I decided that weeding was a better use of my time this afternoon.

I will admit there is a part of the garden that I’ve just let run riot this year – and the poppies are loving it. I have my wonderful pink poppy back in amongst the red poppies and the weeds. My pink rose bush also loves the weather – So far I’ve had 2 vases full of roses and the bush is just dripping with more.

Next Saturday I’m planning on trying a new art class – one where I can go back and do different types of art – so oils, acrylics, pastels drawing – whatever I like. I’ve already decided I’m going to do a painting in acrylics because it has been awhile. We shall see how it goes.

So for now, à bientôt, from our wonderful part of France – Delia

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