Angouleme and Lageyrat

The weather has been a bit unpredictable (though for me still T-shirts every day, Delia less so). Delia touched on our trip to Angouleme last week and I’ve inserted some of my photos. A centre for cartoons, graffiti is an art form there. Not your standard tagging… some real intriguing ideas, trompe l’oeil and in your face stuff. Some of you who have visited us will have come out of Angouleme station and seen the illustrated tower block over toward the hilltop on which old Angouleme sits. The streets are replete with so much art that “genuine” graffiti (ie  the product of “vandals”) is hard to separate from that which is art. In fact one of my French courses had a case study of graffiti as an art form and the different forms it manifests – I guess the core fact is that it is in the street.

Few of you can have avoided the deluge of emails asking you to consent to new privacy policies. As for my last fortnight of work, I’ve been up to the eyeballs in Privacy Policies. Glad its over for now. GDPR is a four letter word!

This morning was a lovely walk with Siena before breakfast. Here’s a barn door and roses.

Today, after breakfast we went over to our nearby village, Lageyrat where Châlus holds its annual fête. Yes fête season, begins, probably every village and town will be having one over the next few months. Châlus has few roads it can close without disrupting most of South West France so it chooses Lageyrat which is otherwise a sleepy hamlet the rest of the year. It is local to us and our neighbours are heavily involved in the operation of the fête. Giselle was preparing beaucoup de carottes yesterday for the lunchtime communal meal of some 300 guests. Jean Claude was running about at the fête carrying pancake batter, beer barrels and all sorts. Giselle served us our crepes and replied “jamais” (never) when I asked when she was going to get a chance to eat. Delia went specifically to look at plants and we have now finally spent all the money that her mum gifted us (two years ago) on the garden. Today we bought a bottle brush and a jasmine. The plan for the jasmine is to climb up the fence posts of the newly painted fence panels we have just put up.

The beer “tent”
Limousine locals

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