And then there were two – 05 May 2018

Our hedgehog is back and very active, enjoying the food I’ve been putting out for it and getting stuck into the snail and slugs in our backyard – and whatever else they eat. So the other night when I took Siena out for her final toilet break of the night before going to bed (she goes out on lead now that we have the active hedgehog), the hedgehog was unfortunately on the gravel patio which meant I couldn’t really get Siena out and on to the grass. My solution was to take Siena out the front and let her wee on the little bit of grass opposite our house – but guess what there was another hedgehog snuffling about. So Siena was just put to bed, and a second lot of food was put out for the new hedgehog. It is nice to have them around, Pat just needs to be careful when he gets out and mow’s the lawn this afternoon.

Two weeks ago I mentioned that I had been painting my cupboard, well here are some photos of the completed item. Unfortunately I didn’t get a proper before shot, but in the photo to the left you can see the cupboard to the right of the wardrobe – where I’m testing out paints on the door – but it does give a good idea of the colour.

This week was also Pat’s birthday, so I took Thursday and Friday off work and we had ourselves a nice day out on Thursday. After a leisurely breakfast we took Siena for a nice long walk, before driving north of Limoges to Ambazac – a large village with a couple of restaurants and a museum. We decided where we wanted to go for lunch – a nice restaurant as part of the hotel in the village – where the service was very good and our lunch superb. After lunch we wandered up to the museum (via the church which had a relic in an amazingly decorated box). So what was so special about the museum, well it was the “Musée Minéralogie et Pétrographie” which translates as Mineralogy and Petrography Museum which for an ex geologist was an interesting place to spend some time. There was also an interesting photographic exhibition from a photographer who hid, and was hidden, in the village during WW2.

All in all it was a lovely day out.

This weekend, will be spent with time in the garden and for me finishing a drawing assignment which I have taken way too much time to complete.

So for now, à bientôt, from our wonderful part of France – Delia

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