Four years – one house – 07 April 2018

Last night Pat and I headed off to dinner to celebrate 4 years of living in our house here in France. We went to the same restaurant where we went the night we signed all the paperwork for the house 4 years ago. So this house is now official the 3rd longest I’ve ever lived somewhere and it won’t be long till it overtakes number 2.

It has also raised the thought for me, what makes a house a home. I think for me I’m still looking for the place that I feel “at home”. I think for a lot of people who have moved around a lot that it can be hard to find “that” place that feels like home. I think one of the reason’s I have been working over the past 4 years to modify this house is to help make if feel like mine (sorry Pat). This year I am working to making the garden something that I want it to be and after the past few years of experimentation in the garden I have discovered that I really need a garden that has a lot of colour in it – but that isn’t too much work, because gardening is not a thing I love.

Which leads me nicely on to the next point; I’m starting a new blog – one which will begin next week – it is going to be called “My journey to being fit, fabulous and 50”. For my family members that read this – the baby of the family is going to be 50 in a few years! And one of the things I will be covering in that blog is the thought process of doing more of what I love and less of what I feel I “should” do. However there will always be items that “need” to be done, that perhaps don’t bring as much joy as I would like, but contribute towards the final result. For example, working in the garden gives me something beautiful to enjoy and look at, but the working part isn’t something I particularly enjoy. So keep a look out next week for my new blog – Pat will put a link to it on his musings next week.

And as my picture today, 2 weeks ago I mentioned I was doing 2 small paintings that would be companion pieces here are the finished paintings. The 2nd one, like the first is a copy of another painting (or part of another painting) which was taken from the book “Painting in Watercolour, Florals That Glow” by Jan Kunz.

Until next week, à bientôt – Delia

Weight loss 3.6 kilos (this does include Easter!)
CM’s loss (off waist) 5.5 cm
This will be moving to my new blog.

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  1. I too have decided I need to get fit, and so I’ve started jogging (very early in the morning, when no one can see me).
    I’ve only just started but it’s part of the new, healthy, happy me plan.

    1. I like the idea of a happy, healthy me plan. It is so easy to get in to such bad habits as we get older 🙂

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