Easter weekend

OK it’s sunny but it’s cold! Still they’re still forecasting snow in the UK. The inevitable “global warming, what global warming” crowd are out in the media – don’t they know “global warming” is so last millennia, “climate change” is the thing now. And after this bit of the arctic has been pushed south I will be looking closely to see how the Arctic ice cap is doing.

I was reading about antibiotics and yes we all know about antibiotic resistant bugs (don’t I just after my foot infection last year?).  And I had read all about the massive doses of antibiotics intensive animal farming is responsible for – but I was surprised to find out that most of those antibiotics are actually not ones used in human medicine. Yes there are some used for infections in animals but the growth ones etc are not. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan of intensive animal farming but the opponents need to get their facts straight.  And another thing – organic produce!  I can buy myself some wonky carrots safe in the knowledge that the pesticides used were total unregulated but at least they’re “natural”.

Well if Delia hasn’t censored that last paragraph, I’ll get back to the point, life in Nouvelle Aquitaine. Good Friday is interesting, there seems to be no acknowledgement of it at all here, life as usual. The separation of church and politics is pretty complete. Of course there is a counterpoint, in that the trains are on strike and I am hoping it doesn’t spread to air traffic controllers for my trip in two weeks for my daughter Catherine’s wedding. The last such strike had me stuck in the UK for nearly and extra week.

It is lovely to have the sun back though, cold wind notwithstanding, the morning walks are much more enjoyable. Siena, reluctant to go out in the rain through her dog flap, she ignores it for her walk. We do have a coat for her which keeps her a bit drier but she doesn’t seem to care.

Mutton. Isn’t something one hears much of but this weekend legs of mutton were on offer, so that’s what we had. A slow (4 hours) roast on a bed of carrots, fennel and cabbage (it’s what we had!) and it’s as good as any lamb I’ve eaten. I hope I can get another “gigot”.

Here’s a prile of photos from the last photo field trip, Site corot – Bill might remember the place.

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