Books glorious books, 24th March 2018

Ok, well the shopping ban on books didn’t last long! 1 week to be precise! But it’s not a complete overturn on the ban, it’s a modification. I’ve decided that a complete ban on books just isn’t going to work, I read way too much. So it’s a 1 book a month allowance. Which means I will still be reading through my backlog of books that I have purchased and either haven’t read or haven’t finished reading.

We have had a fun week this week, Tuesday night Pat and I headed off to one of our local quizzes and were team with two guys – and we won! Yah, very happy about that. So a bottle of wine is in the wine rack for some occasion.

Last Saturday I went with a friend off to a local garden centre, which was good I’ve bought some new plants which I am hoping to get in the ground soon. I’ve bought some heather which immediately I decided to put somewhere different from my original plan. I’ve also bought a few other flowering shrubs and one plant that has red thin leaves to bring some interest into the garden. Unfortunately I was informed that it needs to come inside in winter – not a good plant for me so it has been put in a pot and I shall find a place for it on the patio. I did also get some pruning done last weekend, but it was not a lot. Maybe this weekend I will get some of my seedlings started? We shall see.

Yesterday I and another friend headed off to St Junien to a lovely shop there which has an assortment of things, from vintage clothes to furniture and little bits and bobs. I was looking for storage but came across a cabinet that I think could work in the bathroom. Will most likely take Pat back this weekend to have a look and see if it would work for what we would like to do.

I also finished a painting this Friday at art class. It was a small painting which will be going into a small photo frame that I have, I’m now painting a companion piece for it as I do have more than one of these frames. It was a painting of someone else’s painting – I found it on the web but unfortunately can’t find the original at the moment, if I do I will add the info.


I’ve finally also progressed on some of my drawing work, this has been a struggle due to the fact that I have been somewhat uninspired by the choices I’ve had for this assignment. But I’ve nearly completed one picture another is half way through so at least progress is being made, maybe 2 pictures will be finished by the end of this weekend?

Until next week, à bientôt – Delia

Weight loss 3.3 kilos
CM’s loss (off waist) 5.5 cm
Officially moved from an obese BMI into an overweight BMI

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