Time to Start, 10th March 2018

Spring feels like it is here – unlike parts of the UK which have had more snow this week. My daffodils have started to flower (those that weren’t destroyed by next-door’s roofers) and the weather is definitely warming up – we’re into double figures and next-door has started their veggie planting (peas always seems to be the first thing in). So I guess it is time for me to begin on the garden, but my gardening will always be weather dependent – it has to be dry weather – I can deal with cold weather but not the rain.

I will need to get some potting mix soon and get some of my pots started – planning some pots out the front for herbs and tomatoes. I’ve decided I’m doing a much smaller veggie garden this year as I found that it was too much work last year; just the tomatoes in pots, courgettes, some salad greens and I’m thinking about potatoes. I might attempt capsicums and aubergines again, but not sure. Pat would like some raspberries, but they really need to be planted now and in a well prepared soil. So that might not happen this year. I do also need to get out and do some hedge and wisteria pruning and weeding the raised bed veggie patch.

If you remember my last blog, I mentioned about the amount I had spent on buying books – both electronic and paper. I’ve decided it’s time for a shopping ban on books for 6 months. I need to read the one’s I’ve bought and perhaps even re-read some of my books. Perhaps a good time to also go through my kindle and do some editing?

I also mentioned the CSIRO diet book which I bought; we are now on the diet, partly to loose the weight we both put on during November, December last year, but also to get ourselves back to some good eating habits. I’m also trying to improve my fitness, by doing more walking (at a quicker pace) and putting in some resistance training. It’s working well. So each fortnight I will have my weight loss and cm’s lost down the bottom of the blog. This week has been the first difficult week and yesterday wasn’t the best day, but today is a new day.

And finally I am leaving you with a painting I finished last week. I love it – it is a painting of another painting by (I think) J Fabian-Mastroy. And while my painting isn’t perfect – I really do like the feel of the painting (Mine is the one on the end).

Until next week, à bientôt – Delia

Weight loss 2.6 kilos
CM’s loss (off waist) 3cm

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