Beast from the East

I guess the weather has dominated this week for most of northern Europe. We escaped the ridiculous amount of snow the UK seemed to have, instead we had a blast of very cold dry air after the brief snow snap. So we had sunny skies but, for the first time since I’ve lived here, I needed to wrap my face with a scarf plus the hat and gloves. -9°C at night and still around -5°C during the day; with the wind too thermal underwear was a must for the morning dog walk. Even Siena had her coat on (though she seems more energetic the colder it gets so I doubt it is really needed).

As the week progressed, it warmed rapidly and by Wednesday it was in the teens (above zero that is). Northern Europe got a lot of rain but we were fairly lucky, though last night was a deluge and my morning walk was ankle deep in mud.

Today feels like Spring and I’ve restarted the DIY and finally replaced the panels in the kitchen wall cupboard. They had sort of yellow pseudo-leaded glass panel inserts which Delia hated. She had an idea to use wire mesh, a sort of rustic look (personally I think it looked like a rabbit cage). She didn’t like it either. So we started looking for panels perforated in an attractive way (not just pinboard) afer much hunting, local and further afield then finally on-line from a UK supplier. Took a lot of doing, only in 0.5m² pieces and no-one would deliver to France, so we ended up getting it delivered to Mike and Sandra in Nottingham who then brought it over when they came on their SW Europe road trip.

Watching the UK news coverage dominated by “the beast from the east” (as they describe the cold airmass coming from Siberia) reminds me of previous UK winters with snow blocking railway lines, getting stuck behind a snow plough and spending the night in a snowbound leisure centre. Albeit over more than a decade time span, but still reminding me that despite the brief cold snap here, it is better here weather-wise.


Don’t forget Delia’s next week!

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