Snow and blue skies, 10th February 2018

Hello all. Well today we have blue skies which is lovely with all the snow we have had. It has been snowing most of the week though on Thursday it did stop and started to clear. However on Friday, it all started again and settled, it is a very pretty day outside. We are holding an apero (short drinks party) this evening so it will be interesting to see if everyone can make it. I think we may find a few people won’t be able, but of course that totally depends on what happens today with the weather. It is freezing (literally it’s minus 6 outside). Here are some photos for you.

In my last blog I mentioned getting the photo’s changed on the downstairs toilet door, this has been accomplished, along with painting the back of the door, which is good, I’m happy with the result. All the photos are of France and a couple are even the old photos of this house.

If only all toilet doors were this interesting 🙂

I’ve also got a few more of my paintings up in the house this week.  I got out some old paintings which had been framed and put in new paintings.  They are near my desk so I’m really pleased that I have done this, as I like having some of my art work around.

So what else has happened? Well we did have to do a trip to the vet’s yesterday after Siena hurt her leg. She just started limping and then not putting her foot down, we are not sure what happened but when Siena didn’t get off the couch to greet us when we returned home from the shopping we knew it was serious and/or causing a lot of pain. So off to the vet’s we go. He thinks she has either just sprained it (unlikely) or done her cruciate ligament – which in French is ligament croisé – didn’t have to look that one up. So Siena is on pain killers for a few days, she isn’t allowed to be walked, she is only allowed into the back yard. We have learnt already that she needs to be on lead, because with feeling better she is trying to run around the back yard. She is however not jumping up. After 3 days we can walk her further (around the hamlet if she can do it). We have to stop the pain killers after 5 days and see what is then happening. If she is back to limping she will have to go off for an operation – to a specialist. Which will not be cheap, so we are hoping that she will be ok after some rest, which to be honest with Siena isn’t an easy thing to do.

Until next week, à bientôt – Delia

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