Finally the sun is out, 27th January 2018

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening. A lot of you will have seen about the flooding in Paris, unfortunately though we are a number of hours from Paris we have also been having the same type of winter – extremely wet and with very little sunshine. However today the sun is out and the sky is blue – it’s lovely. It should also be this way tomorrow, so hopefully the ground will dry out a little bit, which would be really good.

The rain has meant that it hasn’t been that cold and my bulbs are all starting to come out of the ground. Which to be honest is something that I’m not happy about as it is too early and of course they can get caught by frost, and I like the display the bulbs give when spring actually comes. Because of the rain I haven’t been able to do some of the pruning that I should be doing at this time of year. Hopefully this is the start of some dryer weather and then I can get out and about into the garden.

So what have the last couple of weeks been like (apart from wet)? I’ve been busy at work – which is a good thing. I finished painting Pat’s wardrobe which I’m pleased with. This weekend however it will be the door to the toilet under the stairs. It needs to come off the hinges, the frame needs to be painted and the back of the door painted. I will also be changing some of the photos so that we can include the one’s we have of the house from 60-70 years ago.

Before (with a test patch)


We have had a minor issue this week, with me noticing that the washing machine was leaking. Thankfully it’s actually not the washing machine itself but the pipework which leads to the drains and this is located under the kitchen sink, however we have had to pull apart that cupboard to get to everything and of course have the horrible realisation that the leak has most likely been happening for a while. We have a temporary fix so that we can at least use the washing machine, but the cupboard is still without its doors and shelves!

I had a very relaxing day yesterday, coffee with friends in the morning (no French class) and art class in the afternoon. I’m attempting a very different type of picture this time, lots of drawing to start, which is good since I’ve been doing a drawing course. One thing I would like to do is to try and make sure that I do more art each week. It is something that I love but interestingly don’t make enough time for. I’m hoping that all I will need to do is change my routine a little and I will get into the habit of drawing every day. Today has started as a bit of a relaxing day too, with coffee in bed while reading my book. That is always a nice way to start a day.

So for now I better get my act together and get outside while we have the sunshine.

Until next week, à bientôt.


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