So, so tired. 13th January 2018

Why so tired, well I’ve been busy. With paid work but also doing things, such as painting wardrobes, and the downstairs toilet (well the room not the actual toilet). Yep, the toilet painting happened over two nights this week – before I sat down to watch TV – but after I had finished my paid work. Part of what I mentioned in my last blog – the idea of getting a few more things done in the house. It also enabled us to use a paint that we had bought cheaply thinking it was one colour and discovering it wasn’t. It was a lighter version of the colour we wanted, but it has worked and it does mean that all it took was time and no extra money.

The wardrobe, well that has been on my To Do list, pretty much since we moved into the house. I actually like the wardrobes we have, we purchased them as part of the house purchase when we bought it nearly 4 years ago. I even like the colour of the wood, but there is sooooooo much wood in this house and very little of it matching that something had to be done.

Last weekend I sanded, painted and waxed my wardrobe. I really like the way it has turned out. Today I started on Pat’s wardrobe, realising that it would take me a bit more work as he has drawers in his wardrobe, but not quite realising how much more work. But at the end of today, I have sanded it all and got the first coat of paint on, tomorrow the final paint and the wax. Why the wax, basically because I started out using what paint we had, and that paint was matt and I didn’t like the feel of it and I had a big pot of wax from when I had used some chalk paint on a furniture item and the with the wax on it just feels so much nicer. I did have to add a bit of bling with the silver handles on the doors.
My apologies about the before photo didn’t get one before I started and had to dig one out from when we had a look at the house back in 2013!


Needless to say at the end of today, I’m looking forward to a glass of wine and my dinner, I have very sore shoulders and I feel somewhat shattered. I think tonight might be spent in front of the TV.

Until next week, a bientot.

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